Awesome: YouTube Whoa!


So, I woke up this morning to about 200 alert emails all from users over at YouTube. Turns out “She Farted…” is on the Front Page of YouTube right now! RIGHT NOW! This is mega-exciting. I’m real grateful that people are watching and enjoying it. Well, there’s always people who won’t like it, right?

Blahblahblah Religion blahblahblah alienation blahblahblah 1 billion

Ha! Amazing! Have a cup of calm-down-it’s-only-a-silly-animation special brew! Exclamation marks!!!!

Anyway, a lot of questions are being thrown about. Email me, or leave a comment on this site somewhere – YouTube commenting system is a little dodge sometimes.

Thanks YouTube, and a huge thanks to everyone who is watching the animation. Thanks.
😀 x


People keep asking about the music featured in “She Farted…”. I made the song, under the name Son of Robot. I make instrumentals as demo’s that sometimes gets used by the band. Because I make a lot of demo’s, I release free, seasonal EP’s… So… The song can be found on the free seasonal EP: Spring09EP. Thanks everyone.

"Awesome: YouTube Whoa!" was posted on the 3rd June, 2009.