Unicorns & Rainbows

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  1. Tonight
  2. PR and Salesmen
  3. Unicorns & Rainbows
  4. Agency
  5. Re’SusThe4th
  6. The Leaving Soundtrack

With thanks to:

  • Brio Music/New Sentinel’s “Sounds like West Cornwall” (Samples — “PR And Salesmen”)
  • Jim Preston-Evans, Robin Hilder, Matt Coello (Co-Writers — “Re’SusThe4th”)
  • Matt Coello (Drums — “Re’SusThe4th”)
  • Luke Holmes (Drum recording — “Re’SusThe4th”)
  • Mark Griffiths (Trumpet recording — “The Leaving Soundtrack”… And for lending his Trombone for “Tonight”!)
  • The Record Album, Brighton


FLAC: Level 7, 48khz, 24bit
MP3: 320kbps, 44.1khz, 16bit

"Unicorns & Rainbows" was posted on the 16th July, 2010.

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