Rejected 16 – 25 Young Person’s Railcard Renewal Photos / 2011

Last year, I renewed my railcard when an unfortunate, costly reminder hit me during one of my regular adventures via rail. Here’s the card I’ve been the proud owner of this year.


Seriously, guys? Really? Out of all those other images you could have chosen from you went for that one? Of course I’m bitter! So bitter that this year I want to step things up a notch and go balls out (not literally — Ok, maybe “almost”) and really give them a good run for my £25 £28 yearly subscription fee (plus my generous donations made before and during journeys (damn you, trolly service)). Let’s do this!

Warning: Some of these images are a little freaky and “not safe for work” (seriously, where do you work where seeing me near nude is not acceptable, huh?) and I advise you turn the little ones away nnnnnnnnnNOW! NOW! NnnnnnnnNOW!

The rejected images (and the final railcard picture)

For my final railcard, I ventured to London Victoria to get my 16-25 young person’s railcard renewed the old fashioned way. This is exactly what happened. Music by Adele (obviously, duh).

Now piss off, Mr Coello

"Rejected 16 – 25 Young Person’s Railcard Renewal Photos / 2011" was posted on the 13th December, 2011.

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