HEY! Storyboards and brown!

‘ere m’dear, these be the storyboards/sketchbook thingy for HEY!.

I started this project back in 2010, but had to put it on hold due to starting freelancing at the time, so can you guess the point in the storyboards where I stopped/started again?

Why is it so brown?

All the characters, props, sets, backgrounds in HEY! were drawn onto envelopes that my place-of-study’s careers department gave me when asking for advice about putting a CV together and hunting down jobs/internships. Very useful! THANKS! Because of this, I thought I’d leave the colouring down to the medium’s natural, beautiful odor… BROWN! I know it’s not the most exciting colour in the world, but I thought it’d be an interesting way to plan and work on a project: giving myself a limited working space and limited colour availability. I think this probably emphasised trying to create more fun in the skits rather than worrying about which shade of the rainbow I would colour my dog (And if I had to choose a colour, it’d be all of them to create a new super dog called RAINBOW DOG).

"HEY! Storyboards and brown!" was posted on the 26th April, 2012.