E4 Idents


Teams and people were commissioned to make something to represent the refreshed, 2018 E4 look… So I made sexy animals!


Client: Channel 4 / 4 Creative
Sound Design by Dan Pollard
Music by Curtis Coello
Produced and animated by Cribble


The Animals ident was the first one I produced. I wanted to capture the essence of modern humans in animal-form, so I jotted down an animatic making it up as I went along. I finalised the animation traditionally, frame-by-frame, in Adobe Animate CC and composed in Adobe After Effects.

The final ident was the Underwater World animation, which takes us on a wild, lucid adventure through the depths H2O. I captured myself drawing and animating the final pass of the animation in Adobe Animate, before importing and composing the rest of the animation in After Effects.

"E4 Idents" was posted on the 5th October, 2018.

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