Life Inside ‘Islamic State’


Spread over five animated diary entries, “Life Inside ‘Islamic State'” documents an activist’s first hand experiences of the IS take over in Raqqa, Syria.

BBC Radio 4 Today programme’s team approached me with a story they had been working on for many months, and wanted animation to deliver the diaries of a Raqqa-based Syrian activist to the world. I helped taking the diaries into fully finished, hand painted animation, with the help of Ross on character animations, Dan composing the music and (the other) Dan on sound design.


BBC News Victoria Derbyshire
BBC Radio 4
Open City Docs, England
FAFF (Factual Animation Film Fuss), England – SPECIAL MENTION AWARD
British Animation Film Festival, England
NW Animation fest, Portland USA – BEST IN FEST
Two Cliffs Film Festival, England WINNER: Best Short Documentary
XpoNorth, Scotland
Human Rights Film Festival, Spain
KLIK! Animation Festival, Amsterdam
Anibar Animation Festival, Kosovo
CutOut Fest, Mexico
Rabbitfest, Italy
Cartoon Club, Italy
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BBC Radio 4 team:
Today Correspondent: Mike Thomson
Today Producer: John Neal
Arabic Service Producer: Nader Ibrahim
Digital Editor: Rhian Roberts
Digital Producer: Greg Smith
Voice actor: Faisal Irshaid

Production team:
Animation: Ross Plaskow, Cribble
Music: Dan Pollard
Sound Design: Dan Pugsley
Director: Cribble

"Life Inside ‘Islamic State’" was posted on the 11th March, 2016.

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